Add Speed to descend profile

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It would be awesome for the developers to consider adding speed restrictions to the FMC, much like we already have the choice to select an altitude and hit VNAV. So I mean a speed that the airplane would aim to abide by when reaching a certain waypoint



You should post this in the #features Category

Hi koukkey, seems like a cool feature to have, as sometimes overspeeding on a SID/STAR/Approach can cause problems on tight turns. It seems though that you are a TL2 user, which means instead of just discussing it, you can move it to #features and we can actually vote for it!
Big thanks to @xsrvmy for pointing out my mistake

You can get Infinite Flight Assistant although that’s 5$. Plus the VNAV feature is another 5$ so I can see why this is wanted.

Well, I guess it would help, but this does not exist in real life and would stop people from paying attention to their aircraft. If this was added everything would be computer controlled…

Repost this in features.
Unless this is added to the autopilot I don’t actually care because I have navigraph already. There is an issue that sometimes STARs will say intercept 280kts IAS during mach descent, and this intercept occurs above FL280 when AP is still flying mach.

@Alexander_Nikitin @tunamkol I think he’s only refering to adding speeds to the flight plan, not flying the speeds automatically.

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Oh right, so is it like the approach charts etc?

Yeah, which is why I don’t care that much since I have charts already. They should really figure out how to do lower/upper altitude limitations first though.

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Hi all,

@tunamkol - of course it does. Any FMC includes speed/Alt restrictions for certain waypoints

@xsrvmy - again, not talking about checking the charts, I’m actually saying that the autopilot would adjust speed by a certain waypoint


Actually that would be really hard to implement in IF, because it involves predicting when to slow down/speed up.

that’s not an issue. you just manually hold IAS until you can set it below 28,000

yea they do exist in real life…

Thanks all. Who knows though, would be cool to get dev input on this. Also, this is now open to vote, so do feel free…

@koukkey Mods should probably be notified, but you should probably repost a new topic in features, because this topic was created in a category that closes after 3 months of inactivity, and changing categories do not change that.

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