Add Separate Cargo and Passenger Variants

If this is a duplicate topic, I’m sorry. I searched for a long time and couldn’t find a topic regarding this.

I want a feature where the devs separate the passenger and cargo version of the planes. The 777-200ER and 777-200F are separated, so the devs should continue the trend.

In other words, the devs should reorganize the airplane list classifying passenger jets and cargo jets. (Thanks @CopaAirlines)

747-8F - Nippon Cargo, AirBridgeCargo, Cargolux, etc.
757-200F - DHL, UPS

Now I know this may be a small detail, but I think it’ll make the simulator more realistic and make the UI easier to navigate.


Do you mean that the devs should reorganize the airplane list by classifying passenger and cargo jets variants? correct me if I’m not understanding this well


Exactly what I’m trying to say. Sorry if my explanation was confusing :(


Nah anyway, we need to put the things where they belong :)


This would be a nice feature to add into the simulator but, I would prefer that the Infinite Flight Developers work on the bigger changes first.

Im not buying the same plane twice because it has no windows, a cargo door and instead having “passengers” on the W&B page, there is “cargo”. But that’s my opinion.


Funny that you mentioned that…I didn’t even think about that…

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They could just do it in the next update. I’m guessing a quick reorganisation of the aircraft list.


You wouldn’t have to necessarily buy it again. If you have purchased the 757 already, then you automatically get both the passenger and cargo variants.

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I don’t think it’s needed yet. Some planes only have two or three liveries that are cargo aircraft.

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I’m bringing this back up because I thought of something else.

I just thought that maybe once an aircraft family gets reworked (767, 757, etc) then the devs should add the separate variants for passenger and cargo aircraft.

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HM NOT so good idea Think if they want more money

Isn’t that the point? If they get more money, they can do better things for the sim.