Add "request backtaxi" command

I don’t know if this is a real-world command, but it would be helpful in Infinite Flight.

For example, an overweight Delta A330-300 (Vr of 165) is told to line up and wait at TAPA. The pilot sees that the runway is not long enough to safely takeoff. Currently, he can either:

  • Dump some weight
  • Takeoff and overrun the runway
  • Backtaxi and possibly get ghosted for not following instructions.

With this command, the pilot could request a backtaxi and be able to safely takeoff without overrunning or unrealistically dumping fuel (or passengers)


FYI you may back taxi if needed even if the controller doesn’t give you clearance for it. The reason being we don’t have this command for pilots yet. Or anyway for us to ask if you can make an intersecting departure. They are all advised to expect everyone to back taxi and are advised not to ghost.


Also RL would be “xxx ground N435BT ready for taxi, require back taxi”
The other side of the coin would be “N435BT cleared for taxi to runway xx are you able to accept an intersecting departure, or do you require full length?”
Or something to that effect @Tyler_Shelton could give us the actual phrasology.


Or even for taxiing / takeoff, “xxx requesting 22 R short” or something to that affect?

screenshotted this in case I get ghosted next time for backtaxiing


Go right ahead I stand behind it.

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This would be great!