Add Replay Bookmark Option During Flight

Ability to Add Replay Bookmark During Flight

Have you ever been flying through some of the most scenic areas that planet earth has to offer, and thought “I need to come back and grab a screenshot here in my replay” but then struggled to find that spot in the replay? Well struggle no more… with the introduction and feature request for the ability to add a replay bookmark during your flight.

If you are unaware, ATC controllers currently have the ability to add a bookmark in their replay whilst they are controlling, so it would be fantastic to see this option implemented for pilots who enjoy taking screenshots of the flights that they could complete.

It would be simple to implement and the design is pretty straight forward, so straight forward I even came up with a design concept:

As seen in the design concept above, you would be able to add a replay bookmark by selecting on the headphone button when you are or aren't turned into a frequency and by selecting "Add Replay Bookmark". Simple feature request, but something that I'm sure would be loved by many.

Be sure to vote yourself to show the support if this is something you believe would be a well-worthy addition into Infinite Flight.

Happy landings!

This is a nice idea Declan! But I just ran out of my votes, I will vote it once I get back one!

Edit: Just vote!

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No worries mate, I appreciate the support!

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Thanks for remaking my request😂Love the new thread and the editing


Thanks mate, glad you like it!

This looks cool - I’ve been in that situation many times.

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Thanks for the kind words mate. So have I!

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Nice Idea Declan !

You’ve Got my Vote 🗳 Mate !!!

And I think We sincerely Need This !

I do really like this idea but im not sure if it should be paced in the ATC section, Maybe in Sytems under misc? Anyways you got my vote!

Thanks mate, appreciate it! I agree, we need this!

Yeah for sure, that’s certainly another option. Either way, just a request for the feature in general. Where they decide to put it, I wouldn’t mind.

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All the time, but you know what? Once I replayed it on another day it looked different, because the replay scenery is using our current time and date.
So I think the bookmark must also note our time and date and other weather settings so we could apply them on replay, i.e. to re-experience that perfect sunset over those broken clouds above central Java island, for example, of the beauty that caught our eyes at that exact moment.

(Will try to free up a vote soon mate, this is a useful idea - and I’d probably be over using this button lol!)

Thanks for voting and the support mate! I agree, would be fantastic if the bookmark could track that as well.

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I have no votes, but the idea is brilliant. Something that would be good to ask to add next to this option, as he says @CaptJJ, would be that in the reproduction it is the same time as when you flew it.

When a vote is cast, it is yours!

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