Add "Please confirm last message" command

When I’m controlling on TS1, sometimes, when I send a message to a pilot, he doesn’t respond to me for some minutes and it makes me nervous. In real life, if it happens, the ATC controller says “Please confirm last message”. Also, if the IF pilot doesn’t respond after that message the ATC controller could cancel the IFR flight and an automatic “Cancelled IFR” message will be sent to the pilot with a report.
I think this command would be added in the game! What do you think?

[I know, before this command will be added it necessary that also the “Clearence IFR” will be added]


@Mattia_Bordoni. Good idea. Please link this Topic withPilot Friendly Comm


Is that supposed be a link? If yes, it doesn’t work.


I like this idea, something I would certainly like to see. :)

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@Patrick_U. Noted thanks. @Mattia_Bordoni, Matt pls affect the link, I always screw it up. Thanks, Max


@Maxmustang What do I must do?

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Use the link togel (2 shall circles at the top of the page). A drop down will appear. Add the title of the topic you wish to link. The system will do the rest.
I missed a step when I attempted it. If my instructions are wrong hopefully an expert like @dush19 will help us.

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Good request. I hate it when pilots don’t acknowledge a command issued by ATC. It happens not only on the training server, but also on the expert server.


After I click on that simbol what do I click on? Sorry @Maxmustang but I don’t so expert about these functions…

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Link to the Topic containing "Pilot Friendly Comm). Help is on the way…@dush19 Help…

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Yes I need the help of @dush19

I’m not sure if we should add commands because of the lack of competence in TS1 controllers… That’s like adding functions because people are doing it wrong…

Not all commands must be read back per FAA regs. You can see on radar if they are complying.

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What do you mean?

And what I meant in the other part of my statement is, for example, if you give a heading instruction you can see that they are turning on radar. If they don’t read back and enjoy the flashing atc icon, that’s up to them.

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When I click on it, do I click on “New Argoument?”

I’m off no help. Suggest you PM @dush19, sorry.

What do you mean? Screenshot?

Great request!

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@MarcelloM @Laminar @ezio_Bortot @Davidson2000 @Valentino_Rusconi @eduardomannori What do you thinks?