Add pattern & airspace altitude to airport info

Would be cool to have pattern altitude listed for each airport in the airport info section of map view. Would also be cool for IFATC to be able to communicate pattern altitude directly to pilots during ATC communications and to include pattern altitude in ATIS.

One feature that was removed which was very convenient was the display of the the floor & ceiling altitude for a given airspace on the map. Please bring back this info. I found it to be extremely helpful, especially for flight planning purposes.

A main reason it’s not there is it’s really simple math to figure out the pattern altitude. AAL + 1000 for props, AAL + 1500 for jets. The main issue here is a lot of pilots don’t know to look up in the User Guide on how to properly fly the pattern.

This would be quite nice, actually, in my opinion. We currently only have a “Descend to pattern altitude” instruction, which makes no difference a lot of the time. In terms of having the altitudes displayed in ATIS and on the map, however, I won’t be surprised if pilots easily overlook it too, since so many can’t pay attention to what the ATIS says already.

Quite an interesting feature request, though. Keen to see some other views.