Add passenger seat & center of cockpit camera

add a camera from passenger seat or at the center of the cockpit.


I’m sure the onto wing view counts as a passenger view.

at least a window or cabin sound effects could work, as we already have visible seats on the 717 and Cessna Citation X


I love this idea. The dev have to make a window around the wing view and cabin nois.
Nice idea bro.


Just saying your only allowed one request per topic,😄


It has outside engine sounds tho, I want it to have the engine sounds similar to in the cockpit view.


Lol I was goin to make this thread. I wish I could give 10 likes! I’d rather have a window surrounding the wing, and have that view sound quieter cause the current wing view is really loud.


Oh snap I swear this has been discussed

It must have been nicks that was closed never mind proceed

It was Nicks old topic.

Why would they make a center of cockpit view? Are you intending to sit on the throttle quadrant during your next flight…?


Could be a nice place to watch an auto land? Or a place to chill whilst sorting your flight plan?

Either way better to have it than not, eh?

I can think of 100 things that I’d prefer the developers to focus on rather than a pointless ‘center of cockpit’ view

I think he means a view from the jumpseat, it could be a nice add though. There’s another simulator out there that offers the view and it’s a nice change of perspective during replays…

Passenger view with this gorgeous sound

This topic

contains some screen shots of interior view

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Is the picture of the citation a possible confirmation of the center cockpit camera??

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I imagine they used the new free camera to position the view in the centre of the cockpit

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