Add parking spots to KVCB (Nut Tree Airport)

Please add parking spots that we can spawn at
at Nut Tree Airport (KVCB). Thanks

That’s gonna be up to the airport editing team.

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Is there a specific thread for airport improvement requests?

IFAET Don’t take requests. We’re volunteers after all, so we look at airports that we actually want to edit. However, I can look into this personally. No promises that it’ll be done.

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IFAET does not work with editing requests, but encourages everyone to join the editing team and edit the airport yourself. For more information, visit the link below.


I know everyone pretty much said what needed to be said, and linked what needed to be linked, however I would like to add a bit.

@beachboy0910, this stuff comes in time. For instance, I asked in a IFAET thread a long time ago if they could update 0Q9 (my local airport. Actually, it’s only some 25 miles west of the the Nut Tree). I was instantly bombarded with messages on how they don’t take requests. I apologized and went along doing whatever flying I was doing.
Not more then a year later though, another one of those airport and nav updates came along and 0Q9 had been updated!
Point is, there is no need to ask for airport updates. The IFAET has become so effective and efficient that most already in-game airports come along rather quickly. Just you wait. Nut Tree will be updated in time.
For more info on when Nut Tree and other California airports will be updated, this is the place: Project California