Hi guys! Any advise? Because everytime i was nit connected to the internet the purchased add-ons will not show as well and cannot be use?? But when i was connected to the internet, thats the time i can use the region and aircraft. Anyone who experience that as well?

I believe you can only use all regions and aircraft whilst connected to the internet if you bought the Live+ subscription. I’m pretty sure this is normal but correct me if I’m wrong.

This is known. Regions and aircraft not bought separately but included in Live+ are some times unavailable when not connected to internet.


Regions and Aircraft’s you have separately bought usually can’t be used without and internet connection of some sort.

IAP’s should be visible and possible to use no matter what, unless iOS dumped them due to low storage.

But, what device do you have @Mic_Barredo?

I own a android phone and I usually cannot use my purchases without internet connection

I’m afraid you’re wrong. I’ve had a Live+ subscription before and I was able to use all planes and regions even when I took my device out of any wifi or data connectivity…

I am using an iPhone 5s, this doesn’t happened before. I was just using a solo flight. But i was wondering why now even in solo its not letting me use the aircraft that i buy and regions as well?

I was only using solo flight

It has to do with a variety of reasons. Last time connected and so on.

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Clean up some storage space and you should be good.

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Oh alright. I didn’t get into the details. Thanks for letting me know, though!

I was using an iPhone 5s but i have a lot of memory in my fone. I still have 11gb space. I was just wondering before i can use it in solo flight but now even in solo it wont allow me anymore??

I mean i already purchase it but now i cant use it even in solo flight

IAP’s are controlled by respective stores (App store/Google Play). As i said, you should always be able to use IAP’s. I’d say you have to contact Apple otherwise.

Thats what i was thinking as well haha however its already saturday evening in my country so i guess i can contact them by monday hahaha. Thanks @schyllberg

Good luck! Feel free to DM if you have any further problems or questions.