Add-ons and market place

Hello! I thought and why not including a market place in infinite flight? let me explain

Making a market place yeah! That would let you download add-ons I don’t know if it is technically possible but why not?

I’m not a developer but maybe by giving tools to the community!

For example 3D airports are here!! And there’s ALOT of airports in the world! So community can them I know that there’s special devs to this work but why not!

Aircraft too! I’m sure our community is talented!

So what do you think guys!

We spend $80+ a year on a sub, I don’t think we need any more in-app purchases.


In terms of 3D airports with buildings, I’m not exactly sure who creates them but it seems fairly limited. With that in mind, there are staff hired to code aircraft.

With all this in mind, this isn’t a simple task for one to complete, and I can assume it isn’t able to be done through the app. For example, just creating an airport layout requires software for a computer and is completed by our IFAET team. This feature request overall just feels to general for me. How will we limit who can do it and ensure the quality we have now?

And lastly, in terms of liveries on aircraft, a feature request is already out there (not saying this is a duplicate) OpenSource Livery Templates. Pretty cool to check that one out as well.


A small team of the developers are the ones making the buildings.

Personally, I don’t think this is a particularly great idea - and I will reason as well:

  1. We already have the Pro Subscription purchase. And a fair number of people on social media and from reviews I have read think the Pro Sub is too expensive. Adding an additional purchase barrier to say get a certain airport with 3D buildings would just split the community even further - and the devs don’t want to do that. The aim of the developers is to have ALL airports with 3D buildings…we just have to be patient as with everything in life ;)

  2. Community-made airports and liveries. The problem with this is it is difficult to moderate and remain quality consistent. If you look at RFS, a lot of the community-made liveries are not very well made to the IRL livery and in some cases very low quality (ie colour inaccuracies, etc…)

I’ll edit this post with more reasons if applicable…


I still think that individual purchases should come back. for people who play sporadically or see too expensive the pro suscription. would be perfect and would give more money to infite flight. Think of the number of people who would buy regions and airplanes. the subscription would leave it as it is now, with everything included and exclusive multiplayer.

The reason why this was taken away as it greatly simplifies the process of a lot of things (like updating the app). If you PM a mod or staff I’m sure they can give you a more detailed answer.