Add-on to "Please Follow Instructions"

I was thinking that on the Expert Server we could develop this add-on to the command “Please Follow Instructions.” What I was thinking is that after the first time ATC tells someone to follow instructions, they could have access to a new message: "This is your final warning. Please follow instructions, or else you will be ghosted."
Do you think this idea should be installed?

  • Yes I love this idea!
  • Eh… it’s ok.
  • No, not really. It’s useless in my opinion.

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For the billionth time, please do not add polls to #features requests. The like function will show the developers that people really want this feature.

Thank you.


Its for people and himself to see what the community thinks. If he were to post it in general with a poll then it wouldn’t be a feature request. So if he posted it in 2 seperate topics, one with a poll in general, and one without in features, I don’t think the mods would like it that much… BTW @RTG113 Keep the poll open.

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“Please Follow Instructions” already means you have been warned. This is typically given after repeated commands and is the final attempt to get the pilot’s attention. I don’t think anything special needs to be added to it.


Pointless I would say

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Yes, I think the new command should be

(NAME) Please learn to use ATC.


ATC shouldn’t have to tell you to follow instructions. You should just do as your told. Not so sure what is so hard about that.

For most of us it’s easy to follow, but there are always a select few.

Haha, that would actually be funny.

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Telling them to follow instructions one time is enough. No need for this.

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This would let some pilots purposely not follow instructions until that final warning. I think our current system is good as is.

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