Add new weather settings

I would like the game add storm settings such as how much clouds, how heavy raining and storminess settings. You can also add snow settings too.


As cool as that would be, it would be very hard to do the live weather with it. And there are better things for the devs to be doing. A good flight simulator is more than eye candy cockpits and weather dynamics, but realistic flight physics and believable airports. Have you seen the pics of IF in 2010? Even though that was the bare bones of what it is today, it was still a good simulator. Anyway, good luck!

Happy Landings, Ryan 😄

There is live weather. But only the winds and tempuratures

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I know, it would be hard to do live rain and lightning

@GolferRyan which Airbus cockpit is that?👍

It’s a United Airlines A320

I still like the idea of live time and weather for the region you are flying in. I don’t see why it couldn’t be programmed for override if you don’t want those conditions…much like you can change the settings now.

Mike New Zealand 194 Heavy

@Mike too bad for the people living in England, Around 9 months the day light lasts between 7am till 4pm. So what happens to the people who works 9-5? Are the allowed to fly in day time in weekends only? And what about the guys in Norway and Alaska? If you wanna be too realistic why not ban flight after 11pm in Heathrow.

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Would love the addition of dynamic weather. Clouds/fog are all right but lightning and rain would be great (fire and rain would be even better 😏).

@gatwickguy what’s the “<-” notification mean?

To everyone: If you don’t get the “fire and rain” music reference, then you need to rethink your taste in music 😜.

Long live the DC-9!

As I stated in my last post. Make it an option to fly live weather and time. If you don’t want it, override it will the choices you have now. 👍🏼

@Mike Ohh Now understand where you coming from like in fs2004 choose live weather and time, ok yeh can be done👍

Yes sir, thank you👍 many airports could have severe weather in live/real time. If you are novice or don’t want live weather, then choose weather and time of day like you can now, or another region.
I would like snow, rain, lightening, fog, clouds, alternate landing airports due to severe weather, wind sheer warning, etc.

I think the Dev’s need to add a 😈 Button beside the💔! I no there’s a few comments here that I’d like to weight in on. It’s late, I’m tired. Devils you know in your heart who you are. Good night… Max Sends

Though it would be quite interesting seeing people takeoff in thunderstorms

I would like to see this

Hardware limitations are what stops them from implementing a lot of great ideas. Remember, this is a developed for a mobile platform. They have to decide what ideas they can add to the game without compromising performace. I too would like to see advanced weather/textures in a lot of areas, but it’s just not possible. I find the turbulence, wind, and haze/fog to be perfect. If I want more I can switch over to my computer and play a flight sim that’s got all that with joysticks.


I really wish they could do this but unfortunately they might not be able to.
In singleplayer mode you could set your own weather. In multiplayer the weather would be set to the current weather at that airport/area. Some settings could be:

-Partly Cloudy
-Mostly Cloudy
-Light Rain
-Heavy Rain

It would be cool to fly to Detroit with snow on the ground