Add New Map Layers

I searched for a duplicate and had no luck, if you find it, please link.

The new map UI is better especially with the terrain and terrain warning layers, but I think we need more layers. Since global flight has been announced, we still have no idea how we’re going to plan our elaborate flight plans.

I would recommend that the devs add new map layers/charts to help us with our flight planning. I want the ‘World Lo, Hi and VFR’ maps added (I don’t know the official names of these maps/charts, if you do know it, let me know). These maps will add a more realistic experience for IF pilots and I think it will make flight planning easier especially when global flight is released.

This could also be paired with the option to add SIDS and STARS to your flight plans.

Here are the maps/charts:

World Lo

World Hi

World VFR

(taken from SkyVector)

Opinions? Comment below.


Wuhuu! Awesome idea, really. Will make it much more realistic.

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A problem here is that these maps are not free; the licensing would cost 1000s of pounds.

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Good idea, but half the pilots don’t understand airspace as it is now Lol. VFR charts might be a step to far.

Maybe as a option you turn on perhaps?

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We also need the ability to search for waypoints and fixes to add them to our flight plan.


It will be another layer to the default map. You can choose which map you want to view.

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And able to see when you must contact wich ATC center?

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That too. If I want to leave my iPad while I’m cruising, I can look at the map and calculate what time I need to come back.

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