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Hey guys,
Do you know how to add or ask for a new company in IF? I know everyone don’t know Air Madagascar but it will be nice to developp a little bit the number of compagnies😊 it’s just a suggestion haha

Those are called Virtual Airlines! We have a lot here on the forum, but there is not a full number! Your idea sounds really cool! How about you go find out how to make this work in the link below I got for you!

If your suggesting a new livery, we can make that happen too! Just head over to #features and find a featire request that you want to see in the app. Here is a couple Air Madagascar feature requests I would look at:


Okay thanks!!! I’m just new here so I’m not already the experiment boy hahah😂

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Trust me your not! Just trying to point you in the right direction here, hope I did!

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Sorry if you thought i said it little bit weard my english is trash😅

Your good! Have a great rest of your day!

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