Add more vietnam airlines old and new livery

Excuse me. Can i request to add livery vietnam airlines VN-A143 new livery and VN-A149 old livery.


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Hello, you have to reach contract level 2. This is not the right place. You also do it with #features

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Hello @Trietphuongnguyen. If you would like to create a livery request, you should post this in the #features category. You would also need to be more specific towards what livery you want and what aircraft you would like it on. Only 1 picture per request is allowed. Hope this was helpful! :)

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Hello! You can vote for this here

And here


Thank you for your post today, we appreciate you being here.

This belongs in the #features category, which requires you to be Trust Level 2 (Member). You are currently Trust Level 0 (New User) / Trust Level 1 (Basic). Stay active, like, and post regularly, and you’ll get there in no time. Below are some helpful links to help you get started here on the forum.

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Why have I not reached TL* yet?

Luckily, there are existing feature requests for the features you request today. I have linked them below, feel free to vote for them.

Vietnam Airlines New livery Boeing 777-200ER

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777-200ER (old livery)

Thank you!

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