Add more S7 liveries in Infinite Flight

So as you guys know, there will be update 21.2 soon, where developers will add new 3D airports. One of these airports will be Domodedovo Mikhail Lomonosov International Airport (IATA:DME, ICAO:UUDD) It’s one of the bigest airports in Russia. And i just wanna show you something…

Screenshot from google maps.

Just a few photos of Domodedovo

See? There a lot of green planes. It’s S7 Airlines.
And it’s second largest airline in Russia. And it’s the largest airline in Domodedovo.
And it’s member of One World Aliance.

Route map

And for such a big airline, in IF we have only ONE A319(in OLD livery)
i just show some S7 planes




B737-800 One World Livery

B737 MAX 8


And it would be cool that with the addition of Domodedovo that new liveries of the largest airline at this airport would appear. Because at the moment there is only 1 livery of the company, which flies from Domodedovo and is based there.

Sorry for any possible mistakes. English is not my native language.


If you would like to request it, put it in the #features category. Or you can vote for them below. 🙂

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Hello there! These have already been requested in the following links. I suggest you take a look at them and case your votes for them there.

As you can see, there are a lot of liveries which are already requested, however, that doesn’t mean that all are already requested. Do feel free to make livery requests for those which have yet to be posted in the #features category.