Add Mach Number To Status Bar

We have N1, IAS, GS & VS but it’s Dec 2017 and we’re still missing Mach speed on the status bar

Perhaps add a little more substance? Sell it to the community! It is a great Idea but I felt as you could of added some more information :).

Here is a perfect example of a feature request with great substance and information about what is being requested ;)

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Mach Speed can be found in the HUD. That may or may not be the reason that it’s not available on the status bar.


The HUD function solves that problem.

HUD-1/2 with show your Mach under your GS (groundspeed)

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No need to write a 10 page essay on why this should be added. I won’t even bother reading something that long. This is one of those features that belong at the bottom of the barrel in terms of priority but still deserve attention. If they feel they need it, vote. If not, then skip along. The title says it all


Doesn’t necessarily need to be a 10 page essay, but maybe a few more sentences, substance is always great in whatever post you make.



Well, HUD also shows everything else i mentioned like IAS and GS and yet it’s still available on the status bar. Mach speed would be great for outside views so you don’t have to constantly switch to cockpit while cruising at Fl380

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“this is not a taxiway”


Its a nice to have feature. If google didn’t have money conversions, well, we can use a dedicated website.
We may be able to see in HuD view, but its a good feature to have and is self explanatory.

Mach Speed starts from FL280 onwards and not many people at FL280+ fly without A/P settings on so it really serves no purpose because once you set your A/P to your desired Mach Speed there really is no need to monitor it constantly.

Honestly, I don’t think it needs any more than what it has now. The title pretty much explains itself :)

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Just for your information. Mach number does not start at FL280, it exists regardless of your altitude. It’s a function of your True Airspeed vs. Local Speed of Sound.

However I can see the point you are trying to make. When you convert from IAS to Mach it is normally around the FL300 mark, and it is likely you would have the autopilot in. Of course in real world, airline pilots would monitor the flight path regardless of whether or not the autopilot is in or not, but in IF, I think it is safe to assume that a lot of people will put their device down once they are in the cruise and leave it for ‘x’ number of hours before returning for the descent.

Anyway, apologies for being slightly off topic, just thought I’d clarify Mach for everyone’s benefit!

  1. I know that
  2. Engines are off
  3. This was solo
    And lastly, that’s where i spawned

I’m genuinely surprised this hasn’t been implemented after this update… I guess I’ll give this little old topic a little new bump. 🤔

Shouldn’t be too hard… he says…


Thank’s very much

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Maybe it could show Ground, Air and Mach speeds at the same time.

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I’m pretty sure we have this… do we not?

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Nope… surprisingly. Controllers have it on the ATC tab, and pilots + controllers can view it on the map by clicking on the aircraft, and in our HUD, but not on the status bar!

Almost 85% sure it’s a status bar option.

I must be that 15%, I checked before during my flight as it came to mind and surprisingly not!

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