Add low (victor) & high altitude airways


It would bolster realism if low (victor) and high altitude airways were added to the map view in IF.

This would be a layer that could turned on /off so you could choose whether or not you want to see all the airways in a given area.

I understand it would be a big undertaking to update the navigation database with airways throughout the world but I firmly believe it would increase realism and teach people about navigation. Furthermore, it’s another tool ATC can use to vector people.

Cool idea, this could lead people to be more knowledgeable in navigating through airways.

And also don’t forget to vote for own request to show that you stand in support behind it 😊


I would like to see this in IF. It would make it better!

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Awesome idea, we already had airways and a terrain map but they removed it with global. This feature you’re requesting could be a part of an overhaul for the autopilot/map system in IF. The autopilot could finally be equipped with VNAV and the map would display airways and airspaces.


Is this being planned on being brought back to IF? I remember we used to have it back in the day.

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MaxSez: You betcha @B6TWUFA, Great Bump… I’m wearing my “I Voted” Pasty

They had this feature before global, I don’t know why they removed it.

Great Idea! I will definitely try and clear a vote for this one!

Yeah, this would be really nice. I’ll try and free up a vote.

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I see lots of benefit from this. Navigating SkyVector requires effort.


Giving this a well needed bump, hopefully this won’t be too hard to implement as they were somewhat available pre global

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This is very much required as this makes flying easier and also realistic.
Most of the airways link to the SIDs and STARs of an airport so the addition of this feature would be highly beneficial.

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Come on, let’s get these votes up

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Wish I had a vote left. But we certainly need this feature!


Also a NAT Tracks update would be cool

Those are up to date in real time, so I’m not sure what there will be to update in that regard 🧐


I’ve only just though of this, but as long as the devs could pull the nav data from somewhere like they do with the sids, stars and the NATS, I’m guessing the programming behind the addition of airways wouldn’t be too dissimilar to the process of creating sids stars and NATS as they’re all essentialy just waypoints grouped together.

Bumping it up, I voted because it is an important feature in my opinion.

Why were they taken out in the first place? If I remember correctly, they used to be within the sim.

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