Add Janet Callsigns

I’m taking small steps to add in the entire Janet Airlines fleet and stuff. I may seem like I’m taking nonsense to people who don’t know what Janet is. Here is a brief explanation:

Janet, or Janet Airlines is the official employee airline for workers who work at Area 51 and Tonopah Test Range. It’s an employee shuttle, and it’s very classified. Its so secrete that they board Janet Airlines at a special part of McCarren International Airport, and it’s at the North Western part of the airport. Passengers for Janet park there and go into the Janet terminal
I think it would be a lovely idea for Janet Airlines to be added to IF because it will spark alot of users interests and give them the awesome feeling of operating one of the most classified airlines in the world.

So, I would like to have the Callsign added in first.
The Callsign is simply “Janet”

Hey man. I did this when the IFFG va’s were still a thing. Just put JANET before the name. And leave it at that.

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Janet is also said to be abbreviated for Just Another Non Existent Terminal.


Yep. Sure is. Such a mystery.

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However, the more official name is said to be Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation.

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Be kinda fun see a Janet airlines.
Here’s an ad for them if anyone wants to work for them

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What’s the age limit?

I’m not sure