Add iOS and Android as sub-categories to support.

Would it make sense to have an iOS and Android
child category under support? I think it would help to organize some of the OS specifc issues.

Since the community has started there has been a tremendous increase in the variety of devices. This starts to clog the support topic where you have members on one OS trying to help other OS platforms. Sometimes it works but often it leads to misinformation or confusion.

I’m sure the loyal regulars wouldn’t mind helping to sort them out. My thinking is that this helps the streamline support. For example I am not going to reply to apple people unless it is an IF usage question.

Thanks and keep up the hard work.


Did your title mean Children?!? I changed it to Categories.


This probably would benefit the moderators a lot. Although support might get confusing for new comers if we add to much.

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Sorry I updated it. Darn mobile…

I like the idea. I had some drawbacks because it might confuse some users, although I agree that the regulars could move around categories as necessary.

What would you think about adding a prompt for support, similar to how when you create an event, it automatically prompts you for specific information: (this is what I was referring to)
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The reason we don’t have a support template is because it would deter people from reporting bugs.


I feel like this is a really good idea, should help neaten the [extremely busy] category. However, i think alot of that time it would end up with regulars moving the topics as new people wouldn’t see the subcategories before the normal one


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