Add HUD to A-10 Virtual Cockpit (and future cockpit reworks)

We finally have it. Working Cockpit Instruments. One of the most wanted features. And now it’s here. And oh boy, it looks great. The cockpit of the newly designed A-10 is the most advanced so far and probably the best looking.

But one thing is missing: The HUD.

At the moment, at the position where there should be an HUD, there is only the blank and empty screen. This feature request suggests the addition of the HUD to it. And not only to the A-10 but to all future Cockpit reworks where a HUD is to be found, like the F/A 18 or the 737MAX Series.

We already have an HUD today. Todays HUD is only an overlay though. What I’m suggesting is the addition of the realistic HUD to the Virtual Cockpit View.

I’d say this is needed. What’s an A-10 cockpit without the HUD?


100% behind this feature

The whole concept of cockpit rework is a must


im behind this consept

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And I would agree with you. The actual thing I worry is that the future rework of the F/A 18 will come without the HUD. And a Hornet without a HUD? Would only be half the fun. Same goes for the A-10. Let’s see what the future brings!


I‘d like to push this one again. There are two or three new planes coming this year. Maybe one of them will be a fighter 👀

If not: It’d still be a great addition in my opinion.


Funny idea, really like it a lot! I ran out of votes but this feature would make the A-10 look a lot cooler! 😉

I think having the normal HUD with the working instruments is good. Personally, for me, it is really hard to see the instruments on a small phone, but I want to use the cockpit view.

I think this should be a new feature on the 787.

With the upcoming xcub and the glass displays, i think now is a time for the developers to work on a hud for the a10. If they are able to create and implement a system of working glass displays on the xcub, then im sure they can easily integrate the hud on the a10 into its actual compartment. I would love to properly fly the A-10 but the lack of its HUD kind of takes away most of the experience. If the HUD is added alongside the working instruments, then the a10 will surely be one of the best aircraft in the game.

Heres what it looks like in infinite flight with the HUD:

Here is what it should look like:



Now that I realized how important the HUD is, I’d definitely like to see a HUD added to the actual cockpit. This would benefit several aircraft like the A320 and 737 series as well as the A350 and even MD11.

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The 787 Altso have it

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That too. The HUD is a literal lifesaver and the benefits it provides over working instruments is SWEET.

Would also like to add this applies to jet fighters especially given the HUD is a primary instrument.



this is what it looks like on the F18 😍

With F/A-18E confirmed I think it’s time to bring this topic back to life. This is a must for an 2022 standard F18.


I think this would be a cool feature. I would vote but I don’t have any left, I’d rather put my votes on the Boeing 747, A380 reworks, etc…

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Bump, i think we need to blow this up before f18 release


Feature Request to be continued here: