Add headings with takeoff?


I would like to suggest a new feature to IF, that being magnetic headings during takeoff instructions. The reason being for congested traffic or mountainous terrain. This is done on the Tower frequency and not Departure, however, aircraft can contact departure after they fly the heading given by Tower. Then departure can get them back on course.

Some good IRL example(s) of this is KJFK and KORD. Both airports direct traffic into immediate turns straight after takeoff. O’hare is due to noise pollution laws, JFK is due to heavy traffic in NYC.

Here is an example of an Instruction:

Tower: N95PW, turn left heading 220, left 220 until at or above 3000 feet, cleared for immediate takeoff
N95PW: fly 220 until at or above 3000 feet, cleared for takeoff, N95PW
Tower: American 3318, line up and wait runway 27
American 3318: line up and wait runway 27, American 3318
Tower: American 3318, cleared for takeoff, fly runway heading until at or above 3000 feet
American 3318: cleared for takeoff, American 3318
Tower: N95PW, contact departure on —
Tower: American 3318, contact departure on —

I’m suggesting this because this is really efficient, especially when we decide to have a Friday Night Flight out of Los Angeles. This can depart 2 aircraft within 20 seconds without running the risk of a collision.



This should be in #features love the idea though!


Hey, this a great idea, i suggest putting it in #features. Make sure that you search around and see if any of these feature requests already exist :)

Fixed it :)

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I voted for it but make sure you vote for your own feature request :)

I think we’re coming close to this since ATC can now give the “fly runway heading” command. This will definitely come in my opinion.

Love the idea. ATC in IF needs more realistic features like this. Got my vote. Hope to see this implemented one day.

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