Add greetings prefixes to ATC

We’re literally talking about two words per pilot. Perhaps four/six if the ‘thank you, (good day)’ were also implemented in the same way - which I also think is rather a glaring oversight

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YESSS!!! this would be so so awesome to have - it would be more accurate too, as it’s how it is in real life

i.e. “Heathrow tower a very good morning to you; Speedbird 2775 stand 72, Airbus 320, requesting push and start and clearance to Paris Charles De Gaulle”

I would love to see this feature in the game anddd it would be really easy for the developers to implement into it too! :)

That would be a nice touch too actually, not sure if that would be possible but I guess it is.

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LOL that would be amazing. wakey wakey sunshine your circling my airport. LAND ASAP lol

Well part of it was to try and standardise the format, otherwise it doesn’t really fit in with existing ATC chatter, so the ‘very good’ thing wouldn’t quite work, I fear

It could be a different randomly generated remark each time. e.g. “good morning”, “hello”, “hello there”, “a very good morning”, “a very good morning to you”, although that would get very complicated - complicated to develop anyway.

That’s just asking for app crashes :p


I’m out of votes right now but I’m sure going to vote for this one anytime soon! Great idea!

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Great idea!!! But sry I am out of vimotes

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Not to worry :) I appreciate the consideration!