Add greetings prefixes to ATC

That was precisely my thinking; for it to be just the first message sent to a controller/pilot

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You can spam any command.

Edit: These misc. commands are muted for the controller fyi. 500 IQ move. ;)

Heh true enough! Now that I think on it, we could always add in a few Kennedy Steve hits:



Why mute them when someone might be thanking you before leaving frequency?

Thanks for your vote!!

The system automatically mutes the “Thank you”, “Thank you good day” and “I’m sorry” commands on the controllers end if there’s a certain amount of commands being sent so it doesn’t clog up the voices.

Ahh didn’t know that. Makes sense I guess

This would actually be a pretty sneaky way of getting around people checking in when they feel they are “being ignored”. We can’t forget pilots, we’re literally staring at you and nothing else.

Maybe they’d start saying “hello” instead and it’d be muted.

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Really Love This! Got my vote

Hearing other aircraft’s calls delayed can reduce situational awareness

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Forgive me but that’s not exactly the issue here; although I do agree with you!

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Well I’m opposed to anything that would increase either the number or the length of ATC messages until there is a fix for the delay (eg. by adding a speed option to tts)

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Forgive me again, but we’re now speaking of matters not of IF’s own making. The onboard TTS found both in iOS and Android are accessed through an Apple/Google produced API. That is most likely the bottleneck. I fail to see what difference length or number of ATC messages being generated by IF would make given that the legwork of converting text to speech is done on device by completely inaccessible processes.

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The bottle neck is messages coming in faster than they can be spoken. Making a message longer makes this worse. It is possible to change how fast tts speaks but IF doesn’t provide that option.

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I don’t see that being a problem. We endured Victor Echo Romeo Yankee - Lima Oscar November Golf alphanumeric custom callsigns for years, until they were removed last year. I think two words added to a command or one standalone “Good morning” command wouldn’t be the end of the world.


Awesome idea! Voted!

Haha I absolutely love this idea! Unfortunately I’m out of votes. Hopefully IF adds it in the next update

Good morning Oakland tower, ZS-MAT requesting pushback with information Bravo

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Cool, but avoid demanding pushback to tower, even politely!!! 😉

Thanks for considering adding a vote in any case! Much appreciated!

Precisely; we’re only talking about adding a few words to the very first message on frequency!!