Add greetings prefixes to ATC

No, that’s “Thank you good day”. /s


What’s the warning that you’re about to issue a vio? 😂

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Confused silence.


I see what you mean about passive-aggressive!

Can you think of any other commands/prompts that might help with making the exchanges a little more friendly in general? I’d be interested to know

I 110% agree with this idea, right now it is somewhat bland. Infinite Flight strives to be realistic, and the best way to do it, is to be like IRL pilots with actual greetings.

For example
-"Good Afternoon Atlanta Tower, Delta 498 is inbound for landing"
-"Good Evening Atlanta Tower, United 5249 is ready for takeoff runway 27R straight out departure"

This is how we could start with the most realism


Voted, I tend to try and be polite, so I miss the opportunity to say hello!
Thanks for bringing this up.


I really like this idea. It would really add a sense of relationship within the game itself.

Have a vote!

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IMO IF should address the bigger issue of audio delay first. It can lead to pilot errors (trust me, I have had a reversed ghost because of this before)

It’s nowhere near as bad as it once was! Besides I think that’s more a symptom of overloaded/at-capacity servers than anything software based

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Thanks for adding your vote!

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That’s what prompted me to suggest it; I feel like it’s too optional to be courteous when the good day message is hidden away in the miscellaneous


This is a great idea! I voted for it!

Usually, the correct order would be "[station calling to callsign - e.g. Gatwick Tower] [greeting - e.g. hello] [station calling from callsign - e.g. EZY28AKj…l
But yeah, I think this would be really nice, as it would take away a tad from the roboticness - if that’s even a word - of it all. Also, it would feel more realistic, as I’m pretty sure it’s actually recommended to use a greeting phrase in real life on initial contact, can’t remember why exactly.

It should be absolutely fine now. When ATC calls you, the system automatically prioritises that call, so it will instantly stop any calls it is currently reading, and instantly play your call.

Quite right, my mistake! Hehe. I’m not aware if that’s a recommendation but there’s something to be said for the camaraderie between pilots and controllers

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“Hello” and “Goodbye” would be cool

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Nice ! I voted!

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Risk of spamming though, right? I mean if they were implemented in the same way as the other miscellaneous messages.

I think it would be done within other messages, i.e. “Stansted Tower, good morning, Ryanair 33RB, ready departure, runway 22, departing West”.

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