Add Grass/Shrub Ground Textures at Airports

Hello everyone!

At all Infinite Flight airports, we currently find these ground textures: concrete, asphalt, and green concrete; along with other runway-specific textures for grass and dirt runways. Any areas not covered by a runway or concrete are untouched by the editors, and we see the plain 15M satellite scenery below (see top photo above).

My feature request is as follows: include a generic set of 2D high-definition grass and dirt textures for the airport editors to use on untouched 15M satellite imagery areas, only within the airport boundaries of course. My idea would consist of a few options: green grass, yellow grass, shrubs, or sand.


Within the airport boundaries, the airport editors could place this layer just like the concrete and asphalt, basing the layer choice off of the coloration seen in the satellite imagery (see lower photo above).

As is, the 15M satellite imagery currently visible is an eyesore in screenshots that otherwise appear to be taken in real life, especially compared to the elaborate pavement detail now provided by the 3D editing team. I don’t believe this would have too much of an increase in processing power, as the grass areas around taxiways and runways are not incredibly large in regards to surface area covered.

Comments, feedback and, of course, votes, are welcome! Smooth skies.

As a editor myself, we are doing what ever the imagery tells us! We are placing pavements respectively for where they should! Just use ENBR, Bergen Flesland Airport as a example! The thing is that, maybe they could improve the overall textures, as it’s the only thing!

But nice request tho!

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That’s exactly what I’m referring too. Please let me know if it’s unclear.

I’m saying to provide airport editors with natural 2D textures in addition to the concrete to allow them to make the grassy areas inside the airport higher definition than the current satellite imagery.

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The thing is we are already provided with 8 or 7 different types of pavements (not textures) where 4 or 5 of them currently works which is asphalt, concrete, grass, dirt, and gravel and snow too (I think)! They all have the same “textures” in a way, but they have their differences too like color and other types of design pattern on them!

But if your question is too have newer like 2D/3D textures plus pavements then yeah I understand you perfectly and it would also be good to have!

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But it needs to be rendered which is also taking a good performance to do so!

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My understanding is those “pavements” are only for runway type though. Is that correct? I appreciate the insight from the editing side. I was under the impression these would not be used inside, say, a taxiway circle where grass is present, because thus far I have only seen satellite imagery inside that circle, etc.

Yep! That’s what I was thinking. Although I’d assume 3D would be too performance intensive, so likely stick with 2D for the moment.

Exactly, but my thinking was that these areas are usually pretty small when compared to the overall pavement coverage at the airport.

Updated this with a photo demonstrating the feature at play. Hopefully this will help illustrate the feature for many of you! (And it’s technically just one photo, before anyone claims otherwise haha).