Add gliders/sailplanes

It would be awesome to have gliders/sailplanes in infinite flight. The ability to fly anywhere on earth would make soaring very fun. It’s also a fun way to improve stick and rudder skills and can be challenging. There’s also the opportunity to challenge oneself with cross country flights and aerobatics.

Some ideas for how to implement gliders/sailplanes are as follows:

  1. Gliders/sailplanes will be launched via a tow plane that spawns on the the runway. You establish a flight plan that will be flown by the tow plane and also establish the max altitude the tow plane will fly at (your launch altitude).

  2. The glider/sailplanes pilot will have two unique actions buttons: one for initiating takeoff and the other for tow hook open/close. The tow hook action will facilitate release from the tow plane.

  3. Gliders/sailplanes cannot spawn at international airports or other large commercial airports. If someone has spawned a glider/sailplane on the runway or theirs an aircraft in a “position and hold”, you will have to wait to spawn on the runway.


My only concern is how will you spawn on the runway if the runway is being used, and will you control the tow plane, glider, or both.

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As a real life glider pilot this idea appeals to me of course.
Nevertheless there are many things which need to be added/done prior adding gliders in a way they’re as fun to fly as in reality (sure this isn’t possible but you know what I mean).

  1. Weather, and especially clouds with real life effects. Absolutely essential.
  2. Way more detailed scenery: gliders fly VFR and your most important instrument is the view out of your cockpit.
  3. Individually extractable spoilers, like the throttle for engine thrust. Essential to control the V/S and spd during landing.
  4. Designated airspaces (airspace Echo in Germany, we would need some sort of ICAO map implemented, also for VFR flight.)
  5. A redesign of the tail rudder: every glider pilot can tell you how important the tail rudder is in comparison to a piston aircraft. The current design isn’t perfect for a continuous usage.
  6. Most importantly: Thermals and convergences.

I think it wouldn’t be a good idea to add gliders at the current point. As the game develops and things like clouds find their way into the infinite skies, gliders could be added one day.


You wouldn’t control the tow plane. It will automatically fly the flight plan you establish.

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An extra plane with its towing mechanics and how it will work, etc. will be way out of the current working mechanics in IF, unless dev had earlier plans in figuring this out. However, since I love sailplanes so much i wanna help solve some ideas:

  • At special airports only, popular to irl sailplanes.
  • No tow pilots = no sessions. Gliders could take turn piloting the tow and communicating to ATC will be their responsibility on the ground.
  • Maximum 1 tow plane per airport, it works, I live right next to such airport and lots of gliders are in the sky at the same time over my head on weekends, the army parachutes on weekdays.
  • You have 15 seconds after touchdown on the runway, on any airport the wind takes you actually, before auto end-session kicks you out.
  • Because this is IF, you’d still need a runway to score a landing point.

I guess ATCs will have more fun learning more stuffs with this? Cause you can’t order a sailplane to climb or turn at will most of the time… and suddenly a loaded cargo jet is on approach! :P

Thermal! Omg… yeah we don’t have that :(

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Can you please share a picture?

Great idea! Always wanted a glider in IF. I was thinking IF could start with gliders only on solo mode with tow planes. For live, gliders would only be available at small gliding airports, mainly grass strips. Gliders can fly to large airports but can’t take off their.

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All of the dive bombing that would happen at LAX on the casual server… Anyway, gliders would be pretty cool.

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The mechanics of getting to the runway, specifically on Live, and taking off would be insanely difficult to implement.

Lmao don’t worry gliders won’t be taking off at LAX. Anyway they would stall after being released from the towplane with no thermals.

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IF would be complete with gliders and helicopters

Gliders would be fun, but I think they’re a ways off because of all the mechanics and weather they would require. Rendering all the ways gliders climb and stay in the air would melt your device.

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I could definitely see this being an addition to follow the C172 re-work, especially with the Civil Air Patrol livery.


I think that gliders/sailplanes could definitely be implemented now especially since IF has been updated to restrict certain aircraft from certain airports (Ie: you can’t spawn at a GA airport in a 747 because it’s too large).

I think the aircraft restriction code could be further updated to restrict sailplanes from spawning at IAPs (Ie: the code will be updated to take both size and type into consideration when preventing someone from spawning in a certain aircraft at a certain.l airport).

Yes. From an IFAET member’s perspective, it wouldn’t be to difficult.

Nice idea…though might take a long time to appear. It might cause unnecessary clogging of airspace and can ruin realism at major airports like LHR, CDG, FRA, etc. Imagine waiting for take off behind a glider at EGLL. However with appropriate restrictions, it might be an awesome addition to IF!

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Thanks. Updating aircraft restriction criteria so that sailplanes cannot spawn at IAPs would be important.

Here are more of my ideas for integrating sailplanes:

  1. There will be 2 types of tow plane: AI (bot) or human.

A. Bot tow plane will spawn whenever a sailplane spawns on a runway in solo or multiplayer. The player will use the map to create a flight plan for the tow plane before takeoff. At controlled fields, the sailplane can only spawn on runway when IFATC authorizes it. NOTAMS will be used to regulate soaring operations (advise players where they can spawn, advise of any anticipated spawn delays due to heavy traffic, etc).

The player will have an option to designate max altitude of final waypoint for tow plane via ATC menu. This is the altitude player will want tow plane to fly to.

If final waypoint is very close to takeoff point, the tow plane will circle this waypoint until it reaches designated altitude mentioned earlier, The player will have an action to open/close tow hook and initiate release at any time. Upon release, bot tow plane will eventually disappear.

Bot tow plane will initiate takeoff roll when player makes a takeoff call on Unicom or tower frequency With intentions (remain in pattern or departure direction).

  1. Human tow plane will spawn when there’s a sailplane that wishes to spawn on a runway (you will pair yourself with someone who wants to spawn). IF community page can be used to help sailplane pilots and tow pilots find one another.
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Nice! Lemme see if i can find a vote.

I can’t imagine a way to fly gliders in controlled airspaces in IF at the moment. They can’t taxi on their own meaning they would block the runway after landing. They can’t go around since they have no engine. That are two of many more problems we’d have if gliders are available in online mode. Ideas/solutions/opinions on that much appreciated. :)

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