Add "Flying too fast" for ghosting message option.

When someone got ghosted in Advanced server by a IFATC controller, why not send an notification like.
“You have been ghosted for flying too fast. This is not tolerated in Advanced Server.”


Exclude this part please![quote=“grxninesix, post:1, topic:47473”]
, please try to keep the realism.
and Im up to this


Knowing why you got ghosted is always a good thing, but with this option it’s already too late and the “harm” has already been done.
It would be even better when getting ghosted could be prevented with an on-screen warning that you’re reaching the maximum allowed cruising speed of 550 kts GS.


550 kts GS?
i’ve already seen +600 kts of ground speed

Well this is what’s in the post:

Here are the speed limitations going forward:
- Any airliner or fighter flying below FL400 is NOT to exceed 550 kts GS (Ground Speed)
- Fighters can fly at any speed ABOVE FL400.


its maybe wrong


That is fast!
So 550 kts isn’t realistic.
Better post it in the other thread as well?

But for closing the discussion here, beware to atlantic and oceanic high winds :)

I think it has to also do with IF having small regions unlike real world which is much bigger…

That depends on what the new update will have in store for us! :)
I wouldn’t be surprised when…we’ll see. ;)


Just remember jet streams this website explains it well(not mine)

I pointed this in the other thread. A 777 max speed is Mach 0.89. Plus tailwind=600mph+GS. A ridiculous poorly thought implementation recently. not only that people who pay for service cannot use it as they wish.

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