Add directional arrows to holding pattern oval for pilots

The problem: One of the main problems I face with using holds as a controller is the aircraft not following the direction issued (left hand turns, right hand turns) in the instruction.

Request: I think it would be great if arrows signifying left or right hand turns could be added to the holding pattern oval on the map, as an added visual aid for the pilot.

Left hand turns from the VOR shown in the image

Right hand turns from the VOR shown in the image

That way the pilot would know which way to turn when entering the hold if they are unable to determine how to fly the holding pattern properly based solely off the written instructions in the ATC message.

This would be a great thing to implement, sadly I’m out of votes 😕

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This is a very simple but great idea hope to see it sometime in the near future!

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I’m not IFATC so this is just my view as a pilot in IF. Everybody should be able to understand and follow a „right turns“ or „left turns“ instructions. I mean it’s really self-explaining, isn’t it? And when they don‘t follow instructions, IFATC has the ability to take actions.

Therefore, is this really necessary?

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Yes, I use them quite often and the vast majority do not follow the direction so yes, it’s not unnecessary. It’s almost expected that they will not follow the direction.


As said I’m not IFATC. I’ve never seen in when I was in a holding pattern but then of course you got more examples. I still don’t quite understand how „left turns“ or „right turns“ are that unclear. But then yes, the indications you propose would help for sure 👍🏼

Thanks for explaining!


Here’s my issue with pilots and holds:

I can understand them making right turns when i say left (let’s pretend knowing left from right is hard for a moment), but for the life of me I cannot understand why so many make s-shaped patterns.

Its drawn on the map! Maybe you turn the wrong direction but it’s not an s! At least pick a direction, right or wrong.


Question about holds: Are you supposed to stay on the oval or inside it? I’ve tried staying on it, but it just keeps shifting in size, so I got confused (and a little frustrated).

It shifts in size based on your speed. You’re supposed to fly the sides for 60s each then turn the 180.

(That was kind of a rough generalization. There’s some more specific info here, but one minute inbound and outbound will do just fine in IF.)


I never knew there was a holding pattern oval in game. I’ll have to look for it next time I’m put in a hold

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you got my vote

There’s varying levels of knowledge with expert pilots so it’s kind of understandable, sort of. The average expert pilot almost always does a direct entry into the hold with no regard for which side is the outbound and inbound legs, this would just help them determine that. Also, this would help educate them on how to properly fly it, sort of. They’re not learning parallel or teardrop entries but they’d at least be turning in the right direction.

Some one may enter the hold oval on an inbound leg but in the opposite direction due to their heading before entering the hold. I’ve tried out putting everyone at a specific heading before entering the hold but some still find a way to turn the opposite direction. I can’t send please follow instructions cause they are technically making left hand turns, just not left hand turns as I instructed. So I just leave them be and move on to something else rather then confuse them.

I don’t use the holds as much because they become so unorganized, a cluster, and the amount of people you can have in the hold stacks is reduced because of the left hand turn traffic and right hand turn traffic coming together. I might actually be able to enforce through PFI if they turn in the opposite direction if it’s crystal clear on the map which way is the correct way to turn.


I wish i had 20 votes. This is very nice detail but my priorities are blocking me. I hope this feature is not so hard to be applied. My recommendation is: it will stay temporarily for newbies, then, after grade 3, it could be deleted.

I don’t necessarily think grade is a determining factor of anything other then how long you’ve flown on the sim without exceeding violations/reports limits, so I don’t agree.

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Quick question about holds in IF with regard of direction from the holding fix. When you drag to the hold and issue instructions which side does the hold go on, in terms of cardinal directions, the far side or close side?

I don’t get hold instructions as a pilot often maybe 1 or 2 times over years.

This is an example currently from today of left hand turns, with the waypoint fix being that uncontrolled airport.

And this is right hand turns from that uncontrolled airport.

Where was the aircraft coming from? North west, east, south?

It doesn’t matter what your heading was/is. All holding patterns display north of the fix your heading will always be 180° for the inbound leg, and 360° for the outbound leg, in Infinite Flight.

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That’s what I’m looking for thanks.

Wouldn’t you have them fly to a new, higher stack when the lower stack is full?