Add Destinations to IF PAX

Hey guys, wouldn’t it be a good idea to enter a Departure airport and Arrival in IF PAX so it could mention the weather and time of day in PA system?


It may be better to write a review on the App Store or Play Store. I know that they always read those.

You could also email them and they would respond within 48 hours:


It would say something like this, “lady and gentlemen, welcome to Los Angeles International Airport, the weather is extremely nice with tempature of 80°F, made made it 10 minutes ahead of schedule, and then local time is 10:45am.”


Will they still respond if i have a suggestion or is it only the support kind of thing.

Wait and see I guess. Try writing a review.

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Why not just say it yourself :)

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I would love this. It would be nice to type something and then have Google Translate or whatever they use say it.

Something Like This:
“Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Island of St. Maarten! The local time is 1:53 AM and the Airport is reporting that it is 87 degrees out right now. We remind you to please remain fully seated until we have turned off the Fasten Seatbelt Sign.”