Add Computers

I think you guys should consider adding computers to solo mode because you wouldn’t be getting the full experience if there are no other planes at the airport. I think this would be a great thing to consider adding. Help us get the full experience we deserve.

This would require a great deal of processing power due to the nature of AI. I also think it might’ve been requested before.


You are a new user, so you can’t request features. Reach the TL2 (member) trust level to post in #features. To do so, browse and participate in the other forum topics. :)


Laura has already indicated this is somthing she would want to add in the future.

I’ll try and find the tweet

Its been discussed already…

Solo mode is what it’s for. Solo. AI requires a lot of work by the developers, possibly leading to being a paid version, and in the end being pointlsss. If you want the full experience, you would pay for Live. Live this is full experience. That’s just how it works