Add circle to land option

Would be awesome if a “circle to land” option could be added to the ATC menu for both pilots and ATC.

This can come in handy at certain airports such as SFO if you wish to land on runway 1R which requires a circle to land approach.

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I’m not trying to discredit your idea, however, the issue here is not many pilots are familiar with how to perform a “circle to land” procedure, and in the specific case you’re stating, I’ve never seen anyone use the 01s at KSFO. We at IFATC already have enough trouble getting people just to simply follow a simple straight-line vector, so I can definitely see the potential chaos of a “circle to land” option.


And just to add to @ToasterStroodie, if you have a ‘circle to land’ flight plan, the odds are we’ll let you follow it unless it somehow disrupts the traffic flow. The power, if you like, is in your hands here :)

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I understand your point but being a good pilot or air traffic controller is largely about being willing to learn and improve. I think that many people could learn the circle to land procedure with a good tutorial. It isn’t easy but the challenge is part of what makes aviation fun and exciting.

I do agree on the chaos aspect and feel that the circle to land option should be reserved for the expert server only

There’s currently now way for me to communicate to ATC that I intend to execute a circle to land.

Example, if I want to land on runway 1R at SFO using 28R approach, I have no way to communicate those intentions to ATC. They’ll just see me flying toward 28R at say 2000 ft and then execute a left turn

Like Maxim said, if your FPL has a circle to land procedure for an available landing runway, us saying “Continue as filed” means you fly your FPL unless we need you to go elsewhere. Simply request an Approach, and we’ll let you fly it the whole way if possible.

Tyler has made countless flying tutorials. Yet, we’re still at a point where basic ATC Instructions are difficult to understand. It’s not about the tutorial availability; it’s about the individuals and whether or not they care enough to actually learn it.


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