Add Battery Power onto lower status bar

This request is fairly simple. Currently in the simulator if I need or want to check the battery percentage on my device (iPad), I need to pause the game and risk issues like connectivity with ATC, scenery, etc… All I would like is a widget that I can add to the bottom bar, just like all of the options that are currently present there which would allow me to easily view my current battery power without needing to pause the app. I’m sure that there are ‘bigger fish to fry’ and whatnot but I think this is a simple request which would help myself out as well as many other pilots here.

Of course, if you think this would be useful, helpful, or overall a good feature, do consider clearing a vote to try and make this happen. Thanks!

I don’t think this is an issue… unless you go on the notifications tab… is it? I haven’t used Apple in years.

Android isn’t affected here.


I’m pretty sure the app physically stops running, again risking a restart or connectivity issues. Again, I think its something that would be simple to do and helpful to me and other pilots.


If you just pull down in the line top right corner then you can see your battery power.


I would very much like this.


Which pauses the game…
It would be more convenient to just make it a thing in the bottom bar.

if u swipe down and up shortly it wont result in any major connectivity issue

But I see why some would still like to have it on screen

This is something I would really like to see as well!

I think I’ll clear a vote!

I would like to have this…

android doesnt have this issie so I am uneffected but for anybody with Apple this would be good… as I have both Android and Apple and swipping up/down definitely takes a toll on the sim.

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iPhone 6s user here. Swiping up to see battery doesn’t effect the game as long as it’s not long time (like 5 minutes)

It does affect it especially on the iPad or iPhone X and up where you have to go to the control center.

We need this and in-game extensions to Third-Party IF Apps so they do not stop the game.


I think this can be closed…

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