Add audio alert to speed warnings

this is on Infinite Flight Assistant:)

I agree with this. Yes there is a giant box now with a warning in all camera views. I think it would help those who happen to be away from their device (even though they shouldnt be during critical phases) I admit I have been bitten by it a few times.

Yes IFA has the sound but the Features is requests to add functionality to the sim itself out of the box.


Yep. This has happened to me plenty of times before.

Usually I look away for a few seconds from my device to do other things while descending, and then I come back with a violation.

If there was sound, however, I would literally dash right back to my device, AND PULL UP, FULL FLAPS, FLIGHT SPOILERS, lol, jk, I would just slow down and decrease the descent rate for a minute to get below the speed limit.

Needed feature, and I am freeing up a vote for this. 👍

True story Chris. I wish I could go back to the old red warning instead of that huge mess of banner.

So long as it can be turned off for realism I’m all for it.

Bumping this. Just got two violations and am down to grade 3 instead of 5 because of the lack of noise.

Would love this. Yesterday I got 2 violations because I wasn’t paying attention to my descent! With a sound it can get my attention so I don’t get more violations. Voted!

(Sorry for the bump)

Re-bumping as well. I really don’t understand why we don’t have this.

It’s obviously the pilot’s fault for being inattentive (for however short a period of time), and in my case today I got knocked from grade 5 to 3. Sometimes life distracts you in the climb/descent phase, so an audible warning would be great.

Also, with In Flight Assistant, you can set it to acquire certain speeds at certain fixes so this doesn’t become an issue. And with the new updates which brought us VNAV, you can couple it with VNAV to meet altitude and speed requirements as required by STARs.

IF assistance doesn’t reduce your speed to hit a certain attitude though

Yes, it does. It can’t deploy speed brakes, but it can adjust your selected speed.

I think we already have that