Add audio alert to speed warnings

Also there should be an approaching speed limit alert

That’s what the warning is. You get the warning and you have 20 seconds to react.

Oh. I thought it sounds when you have already crossed the limit

My request was to add sound to the speed warning under 10k. There is already sound when you exceed the operational speed of the aircraft. You don’t instantly get a violation for either.

In my opinion I don’t think we need this because there’s already a 3ed party app that has RSSA and a Co-pilot, and warnings sounds, check it out!

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I am not looking to replace flight assist. If people want more realistic sounds then they can use it. My whole point was that there is a sound effect for the plane speeding but not not one for the warning that pops up below 10k feet.

Third party apps exist due to a gap in functionality. If FDS ever decides to close that gap then the app may not be useful. It is a risk that developers run and accept.


Then its going to take money and effort away from flight assist

In-Flight Assistant does way more than just speed warnings… I doubt anyone bought IF-A for $4 just for the speed warnings. Don’t think it would affect him very much.

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Thank you! I was looking for this post! Im all for this!!!

Precisely the problem i have had! I have voted for this! Thank you!

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I’ve voted for this. It would be extremely useful. Especially now I have the S9+ as the screen is curved at the edges and the warnings come up in the curve which make it hard to see them.


Bump! I just killed my perfect 365-Days violation score because I got a speed violation. Totally my fault of course as I was distracted.

And because of all the ATC messages I missed the warning text. An audio alert would have prevented that (as well as more concentration from my side).

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If it does exist in real life, why not? But if it is just for the game, i cannot support. My point is, if we really care realism while playing IF, so we need to have to check all indicators already.

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In my case I’d love it more if my co-pilot could let me know instead (with 3rd party). But does this warning system exists in real life? I won’t vote if IF would be adding more things that isn’t in the “real thing”. I mean, under which flight system would we call it? There are RAAS, GPWS, if no such warnings are available, so it shouldn’t be in a flight sim, otherwise it’ll just help us all to become less-aware, dependent arcade flyers. But if it’ll be implemented in Casual Server, that’s another story, sort of like a “tri-cycle training wheels”, if you will.

There’s a bunch of things in the sim that don’t exist in real life. Red floating rectangles, simplified settings, traffic volume. At least have a toggle in settings so you can turn audio on and off.


This would be a great thing in IF because we all at some point probably went over 250 kts below 10,000 feet without realizing it. This would help many people so they can quickly adjust. Nice request.

I wanted to mean, i do want no more bits except new aircrafts and reworks. Of course there can be some new features which could be decided on or off.

add ittttttttt to infinite flight

Not everyone would be willing to buy an additional app for the sim, adding this feature will be something great and helpful for all the pilots and it will also help make Infinite Flight more reliable rather than having to depend on another third party app.

I don’t usually comment on features I don’t want, but the bottom line for me is-there’s now a giant banner in the way of the screen for violations. There’s an audio warning for overspeed at the top of the speed tape and at the bottom so to speak for stalls because either can crash the aircraft. There’s no audio alert in any aircraft for over speeding beyond 250kt below 10K-because pilots are expected to follow the rules. If this feature is implemented, it should be an optional button like turning on the landing aid boxes. There’s plenty of times I duck under 10K still slowing up below 260kt and tbh-In Flight Assistant has this audio alert feature already in the form of Skyhawk saying “Let’s watch our speed dumbass” And that’s the bottom line-watch your speed and you won’t need an audio alert.

If it’s implemented, fine, but don’t force it on people that don’t want it-enable it to be turned off