Add audio alert to speed warnings

Wow, Nice idea! I really do hope this gets added to IF to make it a lot more realistic!

If you have mark as your voice you get a little surprise when going over the limit ;)


Let’s just say that Mark is a little less nice to you then the other ones ; )

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Thank you ! I’ve just been downgraded to Grade 3 because of a speed violation I didn’t even realised (yes it’s a mistake of mine). A sound warning would be very much appreciated !

The first time I heard it I was so confused on where it was coming from haha

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omg, why you need more warnings? is that really hard to remember groung 35kt, <10000ft - 250kt, <FL400 - 500kt gs?

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The best solution is @epaga 's In-Flight Assistant actually…


remember when back in the old Infinite Flight it gave you a speed violation for taxi over a certain speed?

I feel like this would make people more unfocused but I like the idea because if people have a really short attention span, this would help “them” focus a bit more.

Is funny that just happen to me todau I got dpromoted to grade 3

I have had so many violations for this! Amen, voted.

really want this feature. as if you happen to miss the warning sign by even 10sec. you just cant avoid the violation. there will not be enough time left to slow down. Voted. :)

Yes, please. This would be awesome.

MaxSez: Rather dated but bumped appropriately. See the recent Topic
“4 violations in 1 minute” Topic for additional justification. @Tim_B, sorry can’t vote twice. Really Sorry I missed referencing this Topic in my cited Topics multi-screed. Regards

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Wouldn’t that get tiring? Do to winds, a plane usually increases speed a bit and will constantly be hearing 1/3, 2/3, 1/3, etc. I agree with this feature for the most part except for this.

I think the simple solution is to put in place a master warning chime and a master caution chime. I also trip up on descent sometimes and have gotten over 10 violations so far when I didn’t notice the speed increase and the on-screen warning.

Other warnings could include the ground proximity warning sound accompanied by the “Too low, pull up” voice over.

Yes, this absolutely HAS to be done. So quiet it is when I’m getting violations. Smh. So loud when I want to go faster than the plane allows. Terrible. Please add.

Also, the red bars would be nice to see and would change based off of altitude

They do change based on altitude :)

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This is a request for audio alerts.
And, as people have said on the topic that you’ve requested the red overspeed bars on, those are for the operating limits of the aircraft. They aren’t about what a pilot can’t go above.