Add audio alert to speed warnings

Currently if you fly your aircraft and exceed the speed limit and are in the red part of the speed tape, you can hear an audible alarm for overspeeding. This is great!

However, if you are descending and go below 10,000 feet and happen to overspeed and hit the Infinite Flight defined speed limit, you get a warning across the top but there’s no audio. The text is often hard to see with the transparent background and also is not on the screen for long.

Feature Request:

  • Add some sort of sound to alert the user that there is a warning. Similar to the existing warning when hitting the airplane limit.
    ** Airspeed over 250kts under 10,000
    ** Ground speed over 35kts

I’ve voted as I believe it’s very much needed. Personally, I’ve received a few violations from not realising that there’s a speed violation warning at the top of my screen. Once and if this is implemented, there will finally be no excuse to receiving violations since there would be a visual and sound warning before the actual violation. It’s a mistake easily made, but it’ll be harder to make with this small but effective addition.


Agree. Plane should give us as much information as possible.


These should be added! For TS1 however, they might need a louder audio warning. ;)


Unfortunately I have no vote left, but I voted inside of my heart… Needed!


Absolutely needed. Would be great if it also warned you that you were going to fast at, say, 10,500 feet.


Yes, this would help out tremendously for everyone. Would love to see it implemented.

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In-flight assistant will do this. When speeding on the ground and in the air the assistant will say “let’s watch our speed captain”. I understand you want that feature built-in but this is a good solution for the short term.

In-Flight Assistant by John Goering


This is a much needed feature request :)

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Under 10 000 speed warnings to have some sound

Although it doesn’t seem up to standards for today’s feature requests, it still relatively new. We should let the mods decide what to do; oh wait…

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What kind of sorcery is this? A moderator creating a duplicate? (He wasn’t specifically requesting the same thing as the post you linked so I guess it’s ok?)


Title of other request; “Under 10 000 speed warnings to have some sound”

I’m pretty sure this is a duplicate ;) that topic isn’t very good so I guess this one should stay anyways, just wanted to make fun of the fact that it’s a duplicate 😂

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I saw others but they we’re older and closed. Oh well. That one looked like a support topic for a moment.

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Well, the last one had one sentence and kind of started out vague, while this one has an actual paragraph and is thought out…
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Definitely think this is needed! Even with IF-A, it would be nice to have this built-in. Showing how many warnings would also be nice.
Certainly would hopefully get rid of all the topics that are all full of excuses…

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well some ppl dont want to spend addition money on third party, better come the feature from the game itself to warn the pilot

Just a bump cause this feature request will save a lot of violations for lots of pilots like myself who like to keep their violation count low as i do


This is needed. Please implement

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I would love to vote for this topic, I think this is extremely necessary, but I have no more votes ;-;

Lol this is true hahaha

I’m just gonna bump this because I got 3 violations cause I put my iPad down for like 3 minutes and I would of came back had it made a noise :/