Add ATC Broadcast Closing/Controller Change Messages to Airport Selection WX Tab

I don’t expect a lot of votes for this one. And that’s OK. I mean, it’s not a request for a livery or an A220 or something similar :)

IFATC are in the business of providing service to our Infinite Flight pilots.

I believe one thing that we could do to provide a better service to our expert server pilots, especially those looking to depart from a controlled airport, is if we were to add the following ATC broadcast messages to the WX Tab in the airport selection menu:

  • Closing in 5/2/1 minutes.
  • Controller change in progress.

Somewhere near or inside my awful red box would be perfect for this:

I would also like to suggest that the Zulu time of these messages be added as well, and that if possible they clear from the menu either…

  • After a controller has logged off
  • After a set time from when the last broadcast message was sent (5 minutes maybe?)

I believe this would be helpful because a lot of times when I am about to close, pilots spawn in and sit on the ATIS frequency for quite some time as they flight plan. These pilots will have no idea the controller plans on closing soon, or that there will be a controller change at some point in their interactions with IFATC. Personally, I wouldn’t feel so guilty leaving those pilots at an uncontrolled field if I knew they were made aware (somewhere) that I was planning on closing in the very near future.

I think that’s all for this request. Thanks as always for your consideration.

Great idea, Ryan! This would definitely help, as pilots who aren’t on frequency when the closing message is sent have no idea what’s about to happen. I’ll try to clear up a vote.

Based on your box drawing skills, please never join the Airport Editing Team. That being said, this seems like a simple but useful quality of life improvement. You have my support.


You know I did one airport, and that was it and that is all there will ever be from me, ha!

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got mai vot

(Got my vote)

I thought your box was beautiful 😉
Great idea. Got a vote from me!

Voted. Very useful feature and would help pilots prior to planning flights. It’d be cool to have a little ‘notes’ box for controllers to add different brief information too!

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I actually like this idea and I think it will be very helpful.

Voted! I think it would also be cool if the controller could put the time that they plan to close inside your red box :)