Add Arrivals to ATC Menu

When you are controlling if you click the status button you can see arrivals:

I think that should be added to the ATC menu:

When I am choosing an airport to control the main factor in picking a particular airport is the volume and distance of inbound traffic to the airport I want to control. Currently I have to chose a random airport, look at the status screen, exit out of that session and then click on the airport I ultimately chose.

It would make my life way easier if the arrival times where added to the ATC menu.

I like where you are heading with this idea as I think other optimizations can be made to this menu as well.

For an example - removing Center freq and possibly being able to see the username of the controller that is actively controlling each open frequency when you tap on the green icons.

I’m not a dev or anything close to one, but it looks like the current menu screen is pulling in the top half of the status tab. Maybe even a rework of the status tab (which has just started working again after not really working when global came out) is due…which then could be pulled into the menu.

These are just my thoughts to wet the appetite some more. Good request. Certainly beats another livery request.

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Also…whoever works menus at FDS probably hates (well, not hate, but you know what I mean) you and me right now haha. I’ve also put in a few menu related requests the past couple weeks.

This may fall lower on the overall ATC priority list though, because an update to the commands list many of us controllers believe is also needed.

This would be a great idea so ATC know who they’re going to control without having to start a sessions.


Oh the rabbit hole this can lead to…“Oh I know THAT call sign…maybe I won’t control tonight, fellas” haha!