Add angle of attack (AoA) to HUD

It would be very useful to have angle of attack (AoA) on the HUD. Angle of attack is a very important measurement in aviation especially when landing or doing certain high performance maneuvers.

If it’s not feasible to add AoA to the HUD, it could be added as a selectable metric to display (Ie: something you can select to display on bottom of screen data bar).


I’m gonna go and take a chance here by asking if this isn’t very similar to this request here:

Correct me if I’m wrong though, it’s late where I live and I might be confusing two things here.

AoA and ILS are very different things.

AoA is a measure of the angle between the wings and the relative wind. It is important for ensuring the right aircraft attitude on touch down and also for high performance maneuvers. The term “alpha” is also used for AoA. If you look at some HUDs you’ll see AoA displayed next to an alpha symbol. You might hear the term “high alpha maneuvers” used when reading about fighter jet and aerobatic aircraft performance capabilities. The F-18 for example can perform some high alpha / high AoA maneuvers since it has some unique design features with its flaps and wing.

ILS is a system used for precision landing consisting of a localizer and glide slope bar. The goal is to ensure proper glideslope and horizontal alignment when approaching a runway for touchdown.

To work, ILS requires on board ILS equipment and ground ILS equipment at a given airport in order to work.

In IF, GPS approaches are available for airfields not containing ILS. This is an advanced ILS type system using GPS to generate glideslope and localizer information vs radio signals from ground based ILS equipment.


Does this exist currently in real planes? If so, do you have a shot of what it looks like?


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And now I learned something new. Thanks for the explanation. Let’s see what the rest of our fellow community tells us to this suggestion.

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What am I supposed to be seeing? Some blue circle?

This is an AOA indicator-

Second pic on the right