Add an option to the HUD menu to display the minimap without the rest of the HUD

Alright, this is my first feature request so be nice.
This option (Hud) shows the entire hud, minimap and all

This option (Hud Min) show the hud WITHOUT the minimap

And this is the option (Hud Off) to turn the hud off completely

What I am requesting is the addition of a 4th Hud option. A (Hud Map) option that allows us to remove the hud completely while allowing the minimap to remain visible.
This would be helpful for those of us that fly VFR as well as us that fly at night and the greeness of the hud overpowers the screen.
Please give it ur vote.
This is an edit.
I’m trying to regenerate interest in what I think would be a great addition to our current hud views.

I really like this… I may have to put a vote on it

Edit: Got my vote


What he means is take out the hud and leave the map at the bottom left of the screen on and the same sometimes I wish that was possible but it isn’t yet


That is exactly what I mean. Thanks @Michael_Czyz

Yeah no problem glad I could help 👨🏽‍✈️👨🏽‍✈️

Please come gives this a read, and hopefully ur vote.

Actually, that’s a good idea but I like the simplicity of the hud so I am not going to vote for this but it’s not a bad idea at all! Good luck.

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Thank you for ur input but in defense of my request, I’m not trying to complicate the hud. Just want an option to…“simplify” the hud while still being able to view the minimap. 😁👍🏿

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I like this idea.

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Anyone else think this is a great or bad idea?

Of course yes


That’s exactly it!!!
How did you do that!???

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May I use that picture for my feature request?

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Feel free to use

Haha magic (snapseed)


Hi Everyone, I like the feature request. In fact this is a topic I’ve also been thinking about since the release of the systems page (which I love by the way).

However I was thinking about accomplishing this with a different approach. So for the communities consideration (and @Playr_Mar) I submit the following suggestion.

What if we just had a system button for the mini-map itself and separate it from the HUD system button. The mini-map button would still be on the same row with the HUD (and FPV). So the buttons would function as follows:

HUD button (Toggle on/off)
Mini-Map button (Toggle on/off)

This would simplify the button functions, still provide the original 3 settings we have now and provide the mini-map only (no HUD) option that @Playr_Mar is requesting. I personally would like to just flip the mini-map on/off and not have one system button with 4 different function settings. I totally agree though that this is a good request and something that is needed. Since FDS has provided a systems page, that opens up a world of possibilities.

What do you think???


I think its a great idea and I appreciate you post, your, suggestions, and your support. Either idea would suit me. I hope more people think either is a good idea and vote. Hopefully FDS will deem which would be more appropriate to implement. Thank you.

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Yes that makes this request even better! You have my vote as soon as I find one.


me too! I would love to see this happen.

If you want, see if you can edit the original feature request to include the setup we’ve been discussuing. Maybe it will help to catch the attention of the community and FDS to make this request a reality. either way you have my vote to see this update.

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I would definitely use this when flying VFR. You have my vote!

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Got my vote fasho

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