Add an option to lift the 60fps cap for 120fps support

The fact there are many devices out there running at 120hz it would be wonderful if infinite flight had a feature to lift the 60fps cap so devices can reach up to 100fps. I think this is a good feature the fact there are many brands such as apple soon to adopt 120hz screens while most android companies already use 120hz.


But seriously, even though I‘m using a 120Hz device myself, I don’t think any mobile device out here has the power to display 120 frames per second in InfiniteFlight with high settings. And if yes, I don’t think it will run stable. Especially with buildings and lightning in future. The flight simulator standard is at around 30fps.

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Thats true, but it will probably be possible to reach around 80 depending on how good the chipset is

This is from a private conversation I had with Phillipe about a year ago in regards to the issue:

“Not at this point. 120Hz is not sustainable … it might work for games with short session but i highly doubt that many games are able to sustain such refresh rate for an extended period of time.
At 120Hz, it means that we have a total of 8.33ms to run the physics, draw the terrain, the airports, the lights, the aircraft …etc :)”

From what I recall of another conversation (that sadly I do not have a record of) that I had with Seb, he also explained the application limitations that were preventing the simulator from being able to run at a high frame rate, something to do with the app being 32bit on Android, I may be wrong

But it’s also worth mentioning, people complain enough as it is about stuttering, performance drops, heat, battery life etc. You run the application at double the frame rate, that’s more work for the components, more strain on the battery etc. It also makes stuttering more noticeable than if you just limited it to 60fps. Flight simulators aren’t designed to run at 120fps, in fact I don’t think there are any that do, even including PC.

I would say a smooth, consistent 60fps would be the priority over 120fps. Especially as IF isn’t a high paced FPS or anything similar… Your camera usually stays locked in one place. You wouldn’t really notice a difference unless you were panning the camera around consistently


Okay, thanks for the info!

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There are some devices like the latest iPad Pro’s that are capable of running at 120 FPS. However, the largest barrier is software application. Perhaps this can come one day…

The screen is capable of refreshing at 120 hz, that’s it. I have an iPad Pro and while I run everything on max and generally get a solid 60 FPS, I’ve noticed some stuttering and performance drops after the most recent updates, and not to mention it gets HOT. Simply no way IF is running at 120 hz consistently on any current mobile hardware.

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