Add Aircraft Route ( Destination and Arrival Airport ) to the Aircraft Tag

My Suggestion

It is very straight forward. Add the aircraft starting and ending airports as one of the tags that IF cycles through on live for aircraft. It might look something like this:

Why Should this Be Added?

One of the most amazing parts of global is the ability to fly around the world (obviously), and explore new scenery. In order to see where someone is flying to and from, you need to open up the in game map. A lot of the time, people don’t include their starting airport in their flight plan, and there is no way to know where they started without using live flight. In essence, this feature makes it easier to get this info, and it allows us to see what part of the globe our fellow live members are exploring today.

Thanks for reading, if you feel as strongly as I do about this idea please take your time to vote!

I really like this idea but the problem is not everybody inputs a route properly. To do it properly you hit your departure airport when still on the ground there, then remove the WPT from the flight plan before you then hitting fixes to go to your destination. If you don’t do that then it will show your origin as WPT instead of whatever airport you departed from.


Nice idea, with this I could see where are other people coming from or going to.

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I was thinking the same thing. The IF logbook is able to keep track of where you start and end without a proper flight plan filing so I figured a similar set of software could be used here. Destination airpots might be harder if they aren’t in the flight plan, although most of the time the last waypoint someone uses is close enough to the actual airport they are going to for the game to figure it out.

Obviously someone flying VFR would have a special tag that says “VFR”, since they won’t have a set arriving airport.


This will enhance the whole feeling during the flight when you cross another plane and directly find out its destination, in my opinion…

I have been thinking about something similar for a long time and I hope this feature can be added soon :)

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I like this idea. It’s the small touches that really make the difference sometimes.

You earned my vote!


More and more people start to add their route as their display name to show it to their fellow pilots
We could have both display name + route if this feature would be added

But we have people like me being member in different flying clubs like IPP where we have to use IPP in our display name.

It would be weird and I would be unrecognizable with IPP KLAX-KSFO as my display name

Great feature request, voted

That’s what I mean! Pilots shouldn’t have to use their display name area to put the routes in, there should be a separate part which is automatically generated following the FPL

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So no one’s going to mention Levet being used as nose gear by that 777?

I like this idea, but maybe there should be a third line underneath the display name which shows the pilot’s route.

I’ll clear a vote for this!

@Levet No, i will use any runway except RW13





That’s so old. I agree ent changed my Callsign for quite sometime and I usually do something like that before ghosting Pilots.

*I haven’t changed

since the grammar police arrived 🙄


Grammar 100

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