Add ability to use cockpit switches

I think this would be nice. That someday for big aircraft on IF we would finally get the option to work on learning how to actually use knobs and switches on those that are designed for long haul, especially the A350, or heck, even the Cessna. Though I do think this option should be available only on iPad screens when it’s out for public use initially.

The reason why I want this is because for players that have 100s of hours of flying experience, like me, getting to know our aircraft more on a mobile simulator would be pretty cool. Like I said, on 11 inch iPad screens or higher, this would work pretty nice. Not to mention the new iPad Pros that may bring mouse support.

I think IF would be able to optimize and make it easier to find and play around with certain buttons in the cockpit, compared to X-Plane Mobile. For me it would be a really cool feature addition, especially since ATC services are available on certain airports anyway on the live server, unlike X-Plane. Huge advantage in a way! Photo: X-Plane Mobile

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