Add a350 cockpit screens to outdated Airbus cockpits

This request was made with the assumption that it isn’t too hard to implement:

Since the Airbus family jets in Infinite Flight all have outdated but descent cockpit models. I was thinking it would be a good idea to add the working a350 cockpit displays to them. This would be a short-term solution for some aircraft that won’t receive a full rework anytime soon. I think this would highly enhance the flying experience when flying the a330/40/80 until they get a full rework(ed cockpit). It’s definitely not the most realistic way to do it but I think it would be a way better solution than the static cockpits we currently have. If you have any suggestions of what to add to this request, please leave a comment. I will be more than happy to add them.

Happy landings!

Comparison between the A350 and a380 cockpit. As you can see the PFD and PND displays are pretty similar:


That right there. It’s not realistic.


I hate to be rude… but you can’t be serious. Really?

The A320 screens are the A320 screens for a reason. The devs wouldn’t cut corners like this. They’re gonna do live cockpits right (as best they can with the resources they have) so that they don’t have to go back and change them to reflect what’s there IRL.

That’s like putting 747 wings on a 737. Not how it works.


To be honest, I’m fine with having an old cockpit as long as it’s semi-realistic. The effort it takes to install an A320 cockpit on an aircraft that’s not an A320 (if that’s even possible) isn’t worth the effort to just fully rework the aircraft later in the future. Good creativity, but I don’t see this happening anytime soon. :)


Look at what @MrMrMan has said, all the screans are for there own aircraft. The devs will not cut thows corners ;-)

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I see you’ve changed it to A350 screens… still not how that works.

Only the exact cockpit will get put into the model. They’re not gonna put an A350 cockpit into an A330.

I see where your thought process is here, but that’s not how the devs work. They do things right so that they don’t have to fix their mistakes later. Imagine how much issue putting the A350 cockpit into the A330 would cause.


That’s not what the post says

I wonder how 747 wings on a 737 would look… anyway, I think that we’d be better off waiting for a rework. That way, we could get more things like accurate screens and possible gear tilt.


Like what @anon9524891 said, the A350 cockpit is unique for the A350. We cant put that in another aircraft.


Sorry, I never said that. @MrMrMan did.


The devs won’t go through the process of putting the completely wrong screens into older models just so there’s something there.

When these older models are reworked, they’ll receive a live cockpit like the newer members of the fleet.


Yeah, we’re not turning IF into RFS with universal screens lol.


Not a realistic feature. A350 screens are specific to the A350. If they’re not found on the A340 IRL, you won’t find them in IF.

Lets stick with real features that would represent what you would find in real life, not something that’s fictional please. Thanks!


Just to give some insight as a dev working on live instruments, having these on all our aircraft is something we are working towards.

Some fleets have very similar characteristics between their displays as pointed out. We do base some new instruments off of counterparts: the A350 PFD is based largely off of the one on the A320, and these can indeed be used as a solid base for the A330/A340/A380. It is unlikely we would just put another aircraft’s instruments without making at least some changes.

However, our main issue to deal with though is the varying quality of our aircraft models. Our older aircraft require our graphic artists to revisit them to make them compatible for live instruments. This is an ongoing process and there should be some noticeable results coming in future updates.