Add a taxiway label option

We currently have an option in settings for runway labels. These labels are vertical labels that hover over the approach end of their respective runways.

In the same fashion it would be great if there was an option for taxiway labels. These labels would be vertical like the runway labels but a different color (solid yellow with black font). Having these labels would help folks find taxiways and mb even segway to greater things such as ATC and Ground Control being able to direct us to use certain taxiways.

Feel free to comment, thanks.

Good idea! But would this also require new ATC commands?



On ATC commands, not initially. The taxiway labels would have to be released first followed by ATC taxi commands: if ATC currently issues us taxiway specific commands we’d have no idea as to where those taxiways are.

They can also make the map with taxi charts… or simply search up airport charts

Has already been discussed. It would be a hell of a lot of work.

I would just recommend searching up ground charts (:

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Understood and I’d be very appreciative if the Airport Editing team could add that realism. I don’t expect them to make it happen over night, it would certainly take a while. But slow and steady wins the race lol

Now THAT is a great idea!!! Not only will you learn taxiways, you will learn departures and arrival routes and restrictions etc.

This has been asked before. Both markings in the map and also visible from the cockpit.