Add a space mode

I think that we should have a mode that we can fly spacecraft. Callsigns too. Like “Soyuz ___”

Sorry. Didn’t have the font the devs use

My source:


You want me to sing the State Anthem to you or what?

Check this out: Mars region


Yes! We need this. We get Global Flight we should get Global Mars too.

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My plan for future space…

  1. Get global flight
  2. Get space aircraft
  3. Create some planets and add missions
    (Hopefully we could also use this on live)

It likely won’t be easy to implement even just this solar system. Let’s just say SIN-EWR will have nothing on Mars-Jupiter (Or anything else. Still, just a small area of space would be cool.

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This is a flight sim for flying with planes designed not to fly in space, alright? Space is not going to happen. Let’s first see global, then return here and see if any device could even handle it. Hard to code, unrealistic, unneeded.


That comparison about WSSS-KEWR is unparalleled xD

Another one of these topics!? It’s called a flight simulator not a space simulator.


But to get to space, you need a flight still… :P

There are other sims (that have to do with space) on the App Store. One I highly recommend is space sim… Super complicated and I’m 100% you won’t know what you’re doing until you read some manuals and etc

Link: Space Simulator by Brixton Dynamics Ltd

Best space sim out there (on mobile)

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I don’t think rockets fly. The definition of flight is the act of flying something through the air and the definition of flying is being able to move something through the air with wings and rockets don’t have wings.

Man, I hate definitions, leave me out of this, sir! xD


Infinite Flight… Not Infinite Float (through space.)


Guys flight in space would be a challenging experience not boring. And besides, I now coding and a space cod will not be so hard

Yea, be sure to add some Nyan Cats and NickChans in there ;)

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@NatIsrael972 , are you trying to connect this to minecraft?
Sorry if I’m wrong.

Nah… Just some NickChan joke again… Haha

Ok. this might seem obvious but don’t connect IF to any NON-Flight sim thing such as Minecraft or Lego or Disney.

Erm NickChan is none of those things… He’s related to IF so… ;)

Nyan Cat maybe not so relevant… but it’s space! 😜

This is already incorporated in the game.

Follow the instructions below

  1. Select a region to fly in

  2. Choose the 747 - SCA

  3. take off from desired airport

  4. Fly to around 20,000 feet

  5. Turn the time settings to Night

Job done! Your flying in space! Well it looks like it!