Add a new command for ATC

Hey guys,

Sometimes, when I’m controlling on TS1, I see many people landing on an inactive runway and when I say them (for exemple): “Speedbird 123, enter right downwind runway 27, behind the traffic on right downwind” to change runway, they continue in inbound and in the end they land on the wrong runway, also because many people do not know what “enter right downwind” means.

It is the same thing for take off, I see many people taking off from an inactive runway with the danger to a possible collision with an airplane wich is landing…

So, it would be better if you add a new “easier” ATC command, for exemple:

  • Please choose another runway for taking off/landing

I think that with this new command people will understand they must take off/land on an active runway and not on the wrong runway.

Bye, and see you in the skies!



But if you are ATC, it is your job to tell them which runway to use…


The fact you said you it was TS1 and they didn’t understand right downwind doesn’t surprise me, they still have to learn those stuff


I say them the runway to land with “Enter right downwind exc.”
I do not say them immediately “Cleared to land exc.”
They need first enter right downwind and then clear them to the option

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Yes, but you say ‘Enter right downwind runway XX’

Yeah! That’s why I think it would be better that a new “easier” command should be added!

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Yes but they do not know what it means, and an “easier” command should simplify all! ;)

They will not care they will still land just ignore the grade 1 and 2 pilots they shouldn’t even be allowed on ts1 anyway

I made this post because I see many T3 and T4 not following the instructions…

They are still going to have to learn at some point. If you only allow them on casual they won’t have any interaction with live ATC …

@Mattia_Bordoni maybe try sending them a, “check airfield information ?”

If Grade 1 and Grade 2 pilots are restricted from flying on the training server, how are they going to learn to interact with ATC.

Wow I expect more from them they should not have that grade

Maybe, but I see many “trolls” online…

They should learn to fly first on the TS that’s what I did and I know how to fly and now I’m almost grade 5

By T3 & T4 , i think you mean grade 3 & grade 4. Only the T1,T2,T3 is used on IFC to refer to status level within the IFC :)


Yeah I mean grade 3 and 4

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I would say that a command that would be better is

Callsign you are approaching the wrong runway,please check log for the correct runway…


🤔 how about NO!


Don’t hate him guys. This is actually a good idea

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OK @AdamCallow, that is such a great idea

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