Add a Live/1 year subscription (Not Live +)

I want Live for 1 year, as in a yearly subscription, NOT buying Live 12 times. I don’t want to have to pay $50, I already own all the planes (except 3 which I don’t want) and all the regions (except 2 which I don’t want) so I don’t really want Live +, I just want Live but for a year.

Just to clarify:
Live for 1 year but without the benefits of Live + would probably be cheaper (not $50, maybe more like $30). So that’s what I want.


Live x12 is already more expensive than live + so it would be ineffective


Would cost you more. Pointless.


So you want a more expensive subscription without the benefits of cheaper subscription?


@JacobVanZanten Sorry for that but like the others sais: Your Plan make absolutly no sense🙁

$5 x 12 Months = $60 a year.

That is more expensive than Live+, but adding on this idea, I wouldn’t mind having a 3 month subscription!

But Global is definitely top priority for Developers, as this is a pretty minor feature.


Take your money that you would spend on 12 months of live and just set it aside and make the monthly payments.

In the end Live + is the better value.

I’ve always just bought $5 for live, puts more money in the devs virtual pockets

Live+ puts more in their pocket now.

How so? $5 for 12 months is $60. Live+ is $50 (Rounding) for 12 months

$60 over time, in separate transactions ultimately works out to be about the same as $50 effectively. $50 in new capital now > $60 over the span of a year each increment having a processing cost of its own.

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More money in their pocket now less later. I buy live to support the devs more.

I think what he is trying to say is to have a cheaper option for 1 year of live that doesn’t include aircraft and regions.

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Look here…

Then just get 12 Live subscriptions, $5 each month, $60 in total, plus not getting free aircraft and regions for 12 months. It doesn’t make sense


I don’t agree with it either, just trying to rationalize his view. I bet hes expecting something within $30/year not including aircraft, but Live+ will always win out regardless imho.

I don’t really care about the extra aircraft and regions too. I would just like a year of Live.

So are you saying live is overpriced or live+ is underpriced? (To clarify)

And that’s why there’s a new aircraft ;)

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I think Jacob means that he wants an option to use Live for a year in a single pay subscription that would be at a discounted price. Maybe $30-40

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