Add a field to user information for acronyms

It’s always annoyed me how jumbled and long most display names are. Note: Most VA/VO groups require you to include their acronym in your display name.

I am proposing that we add one extra field, so could you would enter your Callsign, Display Name and Acronyms.

What it currently is:
Cathay 5 01
Rotation: SB239-IFAE-AF-KLM179, Grade 5, Boeing 717-200, 0knts 0nm 200ft


What I’m proposing:
Cathay 5 01
Rotation: SB239 (IFAE-AF-KLM179), Grade 5, Boeing 717-200, 0knts 0nm 200ft


Whilst controlling it would remove the acronyms completely so it’s easier for users to find controllers on the forum.

The display name character limit could be shortened from 20 charecters to 15 characters and the display information could have a limit of 20 characters.

I know a simple solution would be to just make our usernames shorter but I thought this would be a nice addition so we could avoid having to read those long unreadable display names.

I have to provide more than one picture or else this would get confusing.

Simple yet needed.

Got my vote!


Taking a vote out for this!

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If this were to be implemented, I’d hope people people would use , instead of - so it’s even easier to read!

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This definitely gets my vote!

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Closed to make way for a new request. Requested by OP.